More corn to Peru. Photo: Dreamstime

More US corn to Peru

Peru has been importing more US corn than last year. This is reported by the US grains council

Photo: Wikimedia

FAO: Global food prices decline

Global food prices monitored by FAO fell in March amid large available supplies and expectations of strong...

Forecast: Cereal markets in 2017/18. Photo: Shutterstock

Forecast: Cereal markets in 2017/18

Worldwide cereal production in 2017 is projected at 2,597 million tonnes, just 9 million tonnes short of the...

Milestone for new omega-3 canola. Photo: Dennis F. Beek/ Dreamstime

Milestone for new omega-3 canola

Nuseed, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nufarm Ltd, has completed preparation for regulatory approvals of its...