The power of (feed) data. Photo: Shutterstock

The power of (feed) data

January and February are always exciting months. Not only to make new plans for All About Feed for the rest of...

BioMar - fish feed deal in China

BioMar - fish feed deal in China

BioMar Group’s Joint Venture in China, BioMar-Tongwei Biotech (Wuxi) Ltd has acquired a 100% of the shares in...

Obesity: a problem in ponies. Photo: Shutterstock

Obesity: a problem in ponies

A third of ponies are considered obese. This increased the risks of a painful and debilitating hoof condition...

FEFANA’s 2030 vision: Stronger outreach and collaboration. Photo: Koos Groenewold

FEFANA’s 2030 vision

Gerritjan van der Ven is the new President of FEFANA. All About Feed asked him about FEFANA’s vision on feeding...

Photo: RBI

More feed produced in Russia

Russia continues to increase overall volume of feed production. But this is not the case for all animal species.