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Biomin launches Mycotoxin Channel on YouTube

Biomin has launched the Mycotoxin Channel on internet site You Tube to provide a unique knowledge platform which offers valuable information in the field of mycotoxins.

The YouTube based Mycotoxin Channel provides information in the form of short webinars addressing precise questions which are being answered by internationally recognized experts.

Starting with more than 40 webinars, the Mycotoxin Channel is intended to be a living knowledge exchange platform, Biomin will continuously strive in inviting further experts from around the world to share their latest know how in the field of mycotoxins and mycotoxin risk management.

The Mycotoxin Channel addresses nutritionists, consultants, integrators, veterinarians, students, professors and other people with a basic knowledge in the field, looking for quality information related to mycotoxins.

Visit the Mycotoxin Channel on

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