Manuka Biotech

Manuka Biotech

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Manuka Biotech is a newly established business unit of Singao Co. Ltd., as a part of the group global expansion strategy with the regional office located in Malaysia. Singao has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing butyrate salt and its application in the animal health and nutrition industry.

Being a world leader in researching fatty acid health solutions, Manuka Biotech possesses high-tech know-how technologies in emulsification and encapsulation to protect and preserve bioavailability of fatty acids to meet the often unmet or overlooked needs of productive animals. In the field of fatty acid nutricine supplementation, Manuka Biotech wants to become the first line of reference. The company is here to support and improve the animal producer profitability by choosing the right oils and by incorporating butyrate-based growth enhancers.

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