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News last update:14 Jan 2016

InVivo and Jeil Feed join forces

InVivo, who specialise in animal nutrition and health, signed a major agreement to provide assistance and technical support to the South Korean Group Jeil Feed.

The signature of this assistance and technical agreement is the recognition of the high level of expertise within InVivo in that field. It should allow cross-fertilisation opportunities between the two groups through an adaptation of InVivo knowledge on nutritional requirements of livestock, conception of feed and efficient nutritional specialties ranges, to Jeil Feed expectations and environment.

This partnership will particularly allow technical exchanges between specialists in charge of the various animal species in the two groups on both the French and South Korean perimeters. The purpose of these exchanges is to nurture and strengthen the level of expertise in the animal nutrition field for the two groups.

Jeil Feed, belongs to the Group Harim, a South Korean major industrial player, operating mainly in poultry production.


  • InVivo and Jeil Feed join forces


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