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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Cobb-Vantress invests in new $15 mln feed mill

Cobb-Vantress, is breaking ground by constructing a new feed mill in Albany in south central Kentucky, US, to supply its expanding operations in both Kentucky and Tennessee.

The mill, projected to cost US$15million, is the latest investment in this region where Cobb has invested more than $36million over the past three years including a new hatchery at Lafayette, Tennessee and a new pedigree research and development complex at Deer Lodge, Tennessee.  Its location is close to a major area of corn production from where Cobb plans to source most of its grain needs.

"We are excited to continue our investment in the state of Kentucky and we look forward to providing job opportunities to the people in this area," said Randy Vardeman, vice president of production for Cobb.  "The design of the new feed mill will give Cobb complete control over feed formulation and quality.  In the end, it's about providing a quality feed to our growers and company farms."

One special feature of the new feed mill will be a state-of-the-art pathogen control system affecting the equipment and processes.  Use of specialised equipment, designated clean areas controlled by airflow and other quality measures will help ensure salmonella-free feed.

The construction began in November and is scheduled for completion in spring of 2014.  The mill will employ an estimated 16 people including feed delivery drivers.


  • Cobb-Vantress invests in new $15 mln feed mill

    Construction work in progress for the new feed mill


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