Compound feed

News last update:14 Jan 2016

Russia’s poultry feed production hit record in March

Poultry feed production for March 2013 in Russia hit an all-time record of 1,069.7 thousand tonnes – 12% higher than February and 6% on March 2012, according to a report release by Russia’s Federal Static Service (Rosstat).

The report also gave production figures for cattle and horses.

Compound feed production for cattle in Russia stagnated. For the past three months, there were almost no changes in production. March 2013 production was 171.2 thousand tonnes only 0.1% more than February. But the decline of 8% compared to March 2012.

Feed production for horses is still catastrophically low. In March 220 tonnes of feed was produced. However, that was an increase of 23% on February’s figures but a drop of 46% on March 2012

All in all the total feed production for March 2013 was 1,8189.9 thousand tonnes, a 10% increase on February’s production and 8% increase on March 2012

Data on production of feed for pigs have been published previously.

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