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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Olmix risk assessment tool presented at WMF 2014

More than 400 people from 35 countries attended the 8th World Mycotoxin Forum (WMF), which was held November 10-12 in Vienna, Austria. Here, the French company Olmix organised a workshop about the tools to fight mycotoxins.

The attendants (around 100) were updated on how mycotoxin molecules interact with the company's products. Participants were also informed about the online tool to evaluate the risk of presence of mycotoxins in feed and the optimization tool for adjusting the dosage of the mycotoxin products used in the feed.

During the WMF, Julia Laurain, Olmix Technical service coordinator in Europe, presented the latest research on Trichothecenes B toxicity and co-occurrence in feed. A copy of the recently published mycotoxins guide ('the Essentials) was handed out to all the participants of WMF.

AllAboutFeed was mediapartner of the WMF and made a special magazine for this event (Managing Mycotoxins).

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