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FMS introduces new enhancements to Brill Formulation

Cargill’s Feed Management Systems has introduced a newly enhanced version of Brill Formulation. Brill Formulation 2.6 has been designed by users and includes 15 new user-requested enhancements to facilitate more comprehensive, real-time data visibility.

With this upgrade, animal nutritionists and feed formulators now can now better manage the complex and rapidly changing information required to create high-quality, accurate formulas at a competitive price. Training to get the most out of Brill Formulation 2.6 is included with the Brill Support and Enhancement Plan.

"By collaborating with customers, we are able  to develop solutions that help them become more successful," said Brad Guyer, Feed Management Systems global portfolio manager at Cargill. "Brill Formulation 2.6 addresses specific user requests for better data visibility to help them work more efficiently and effectively."

Brill Formulation 2.6 helps nutritionists and formulators to:

  • Quickly compare differences between formulas to minimise errors.
  • Save time by viewing more formulas at once in summary reports.
  • Formulate faster by monitoring premix levels and a breakdown of premix ingredients.
  • Get real-time status of ingredient availability.
  • Import and export pellet creation data between Brill and Excel.

Brill Formulation is used by nutritionists and formulators throughout the world to establish ingredient and nutrient specifications, manage ingredient purchases and optimise feed formulas for improved profitability.



  • Eugenio Saphores

    I would like to receive more info about Brill formulation system of Cargill
    Thanks a lot

  • Mr Pambuka

    Well, I've dealing with some option of that. I used Brill 2.03. Otherwise, for 'Get real-time status of ingredient availability' could be interesting.

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