Compound feed

News 1 commentlast update:18 Jan 2016

Russia sees a decrease in feed production

In January of 2015 Russia saw a decrease of feed production drop to below 2 million tonnes reported local media Soya News, citing the official statistical data. These statistics can be seen in the interactive figure below.

Russia produced almost 1.96 million tonnes of animal compound feed in January 2015, which was 4.3% less than in the previous month, while 5.8% more than in January 2014, says the report. In 2013 the total amount of compound feed production was  21,679,200 tonnes which rose to 23,012,956 in 2014.

Experts don't foresee a decline in 2015 feed production

Experts in general don't predict any decline in feed production in Russia in 2015 despite the recent forecasts stating the level of meat consumption in the country may fall by 15% compared to 2014.

Russian meat production companies also declared that this year they will focus on the development of export supplies which should keep the level of livestock products and compound feed production to at least the level of previous years.

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