Trouw Nutrition webinar:
Integrated solutions to reduce the use of antimicrobials in pig production

All About Feed, a publication of Misset International, will host a webinar on ‘Integrated solutions to reduce the use of antimicrobials in pig production’. This online event is organized in cooperation with Trouw Nutrition and can be viewed live, on Monday, 5th of October 2020, at 1 pm CET. Join this interactive webinar free of charge by registering here in advance. All About Feed and Trouw Nutrition have organized a lineup of 3 expert speakers covering feed, farm and health angles for getting the optimal results in reducing antibiotic usage. Hosted by Vincent ter Beek, editor of Pig progress, the webinar will give deeper insights in how to achieve producers’ targets given the challenges which come with the ban of using high levels of antibiotics and ZnO.

The webinar will last an hour and will start at 1 pm CET on Monday 5 October 2020. The webinar is hosted by Vincent ter Beek, editor Pig Progress.

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Integrated solutions to reduce the use of antimicrobials in pig production

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leo den hartog

Leo den Hartog, director of R&D at Nutreco and part-time professor in “Animal Nutrition in Circular Economy” at Wageningen University

Professor Den Hartog will introduce the current challenges feed producers are facing to be able to feed a growing world population in a sustainable way, focusing on the need to reduce antibiotics use.


peter ramaekers

Dr. Ir. Peter Ramaekers, Application and Solution Specialist Swine, Trouw Nutrition Innovation

Doctor Ramaekers will explain the new innovate concept NutriOpt Kinetio. Kinetio is a new way of formulating diets for piglet and makes it possible to formulate diets according the protein, fibre and starch kinetics. This leads to better digestion and absorption of protein in upper part of the intestinal tract and a reduce risk of protein fermentation and diarrhea in the hindgut in piglets.

nienke de groot

Nienke de Groot, Global Program Manager Gut Health, Trouw Nutrition Innovation

Nienke de Groot will explain the importance of Gut Health in antimicrobial reduction, what is the Gut Health Strategy Trouw Nutrition works with and how this looks like from a practical perspective.

vincent ter beek
Vincent ter Beek, editor Pig Progress and host during the webinar



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