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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Adisseo organised the 300th Microvit Premix Clinic

Adisseo has organised the 300th Microvit Premix Clinic (MPC) in Commentry, France, for a group of 12 customers from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and France.

The MPC course on vitamins is designed for technologists, nutritionists and buyers from the feed industry. It aims to both demonstrate that a vitamin is much more than its product specification and at providing the required technical information for the best choice and use of vitamins in premixes.

Since only small quantities of vitamins are required in the complete feed, it is necessary to have a perfect knowledge of vitamins and their handling.

The one or two-day course covers major topics that have to be considered to meet an animal’s daily needs for vitamins: mixability, pelleting stability, bioavailability.

Part of the course takes place in Commentry (France) where customers can also visit the Adisseo facilities. A plant visit is also organised in order to show some of the vitamins processes used in the plant.

It can also be conducted on site, at the customers’ request, with experiments and agendas adapted to their requirements.

A specific “Kit Suitcase” which contains samples of vitamins in Petri dishes and test tubes, USB microscope, and a portable microscope, allows one to visualise, via a computer,  the characteristics of the different vitamin samples available on the world market.

Pedagogical videos and practical tests are presented and customers are trained to carry out appropriate quality controls and to adapt the sampling procedures according to the required analysis.

Allison Winstanley

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