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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Product: Nutriad develops new product against moulds

Nutriad started to work with phyto-active substances: plant substances with a powerful effect. Tests have shown that these substances also contribute to ensure effective combating against a broad range of fungi and bacteria and that without being corrosive. The search has yielded a new product: Mold-Nil Pro.

Mold-Nil Pro is a blend of organic acids and phytochemicals, selected for their effectiveness against moulds in grains. From tests it has been shown that this combination works synergistically on its efficacy against moulds.

Key points
Less corrosiveness
It has a unique formulation with a minimised amount of free propionic acid, a reduced amount of total propionic acid and a maximised amount of buffered propionic acid. See diagram ‘Optimised propionic acid formulation’.

No resistance
Mold-Nil is not a new product in itself. The ‘PRO’ version is a next generation product that works at least equally effective in the protection of cereals. See diagram ‘Efficacy of Mold-Nil Pro versus Mold-Nil’. With the addition for the phytochemicals the efficacy is in general more pronounced mainly due to the absence of resistance.

Using Mold-Nil Pro in grains has many benefits. It is less corrosive to machinery, consequently extending the longevity. The product is effective against a broad spectrum of moulds in grains. Finally, it keeps cereals palatable and of a high nutritional value.


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