Feed additives

News last update:14 Jan 2016

Japanese co to build its first US feed additives plant

Calpis plans to build its first US feed additives plant in Peachtree City Georgia, according to a project description submitted from InSpec Group of Atlanta.

The company will use the facility to “manufacture additives for animal feed utilizing a process of culturing, drying and grinding a soybean-based product into a probiotic additive in powder form,” according to an internal memo from Peachtree City Planning Commission.

The complex is to be built on an 11.82-acre plot and is to include a 36,370-square-foot plant and a 10,036-square-foot office building. The planning commission's staff had been working with Calpis and its designers for the past few months to ensure a smooth transition.  Calpis estimates the build will cost US$15 million, which will be located just south of the Lawson Mardon packaging plant.

The animal feed additives are designed to increase the health of livestock and pets.

The company had global sales of about $1.2 billion in 2011.


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