Feed additives

Background last update:14 Jan 2016

Orffa launch nutritional emulsifier on a global scale

European based feed additives company Orffa and its global subsidiary Excentials launch a new type of nutritional emulsifier for the global animal nutrition market.

The product marketed under the name Excential Energy Plus is a nutritional emulsifier which is added to animal diets to improve the fat digestibility. This new type of nutritional emulsifier is highly efficient compared to other emulsifiers in the market and its cost in terms of supplementation cost per tonne of feed is relatively low. This results in a high return on investment which makes the product very interesting for the animal nutrition market. In particular broiler, turkey and aqua production.

Extensive trial work with Excential Energy Plus showed that a cost price reduction of up to 10 euro/tonne of feed is feasible. The best results are obtained in diets which are high in energy (high in fats and oils), such as diets for broilers, turkeys and aquatic species.

The product will be launched on a global scale. Within Europe the product will be marketed via Orffa and outside Europe the product will be launched via the Excentials network.


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