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Effect of olive leaves on growth performance in broilers

This is an abstract from Animal Feed Science and Technology, covering research on broilers and how olive leaves effect ascites incidence, hemotological parameters and growth performance.

The effects of dietary olive leaves supplementation on ascites indices, hematological parameters, and broiler performance were separately assessed under standard (based on Arian strain management guide) and cold temperature conditions (induced ascites) with same experimental diets.

For the standard temperature conditions, 400 day-old male broilers were divided into four experimental groups: control group, and three groups with olive leaf supplementation at 5, 10, or 15 g/kg diet (oleuropein content, 72.63 mg/g). The experiments were performed in four replicates of 25 birds per pen.

The same grouping with another 400 birds was used for the cold temperature conditions. Growth performance, physiological and biochemical parameters, and ascites indices (right ventricle [RV] and total ventricle [TV] weight and RV/TV) were evaluated. Under both temperature conditions, growth parameters were similar among all groups. Ascites-related mortality, systolic blood pressure, packed cell volume, alanine aminotransferase, erythrocyte osmotic fragility, red blood cell count, and triiodothryronine level decreased linearly with increasing olive leaf supplementation under both conditions (P<0.05). Lactate dehydrogenase and alkaline phosphatase activities showed the same, although non-linear trend (P<0.05), and thyroxine levels showed a linear increasing trend (P<0.001) under both conditions.

Increasing olive leaf supplementation was associated with a linear decrease in RV/TV under the standard temperature condition and a linear decrease in RV, TV, and RV/TV under cold stress (P<0.001). It concluded that dietary olive leaf supplementation at a dose of 10 g/kg has an anti-hypertensive effect and decreases ascites incidence without impairing broiler performance under standard and cold ambient temperatures.

S. Varmaghany  S. Rahimi  M.A. Karimi Torshizi  H. Lotfollahian  M. Hassanzadeh: Effect of olive leaves on ascites incidence, hematological parameters and growth performance in broilers reared under standard and cold temperature conditions

Animal Feed Science and Technology Volume 185, Issue 1
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  • Gamal Hussein Zaza

    Not only olive leave have nutritive as well as medical potential in animal and poultry nutrition but also its left over such as cake or pulp are also of nutritional potential as non-traditional feeds. I and my research team were conducted some researches on utilizing olive by-product (olive cake) in feeding rabbits, sheep and goats. Nutritional and economical results obtained indicated that using olive cake up to 15% of rabbits diet and 20% for sheep did have negative effect on their growth performance and improved economic efficiency.

  • Emad emad emam

    هذة شجرة مباركة فماذا تتوقعون منها....وشكرا على الجهد العظيم

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