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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Angel Yeast launch fishmeal alternative

Asia based yeast and yeast derivatives company Angel Yeast launched a new hydrolysed yeast product as fish meal alternative at the recent VIV Asia show.

Fish meal, as its high protein content, good amino acid profile and palatability, is the most commonly used animal protein ingredients in aqua and poultry feed. But nutritionist and farmers are becoming more and more concerned about the depletion, price fluctuation and potential homologous risk and even the hardness on quality control of fish meal. All of which is forcing them to seek a more sustainable and economic alternative.

Angel have successfully included hydrolysed yeast in nursing feed for spray dried porcine plasma (SDPP) replacement and have obtained very good results on reducing cost and feed efficiency. And that is one of the reasons why they have developed a special hydrolysed yeast for fish meal replacement.

Hydrolysed yeast with high protein digestibility

The new hydrolysed yeast* is a kind of hydrolysed baker yeast with crude protein over 50%. As a kind of micro-protein recourses, it has very high protein digestibility and can be used to replace up to 30% fish meal in aqua and poultry feed. The hydrolysed yeast* is not just a high quality protein source, but also provides nucleic acids for cell replication and organ development. And as it's produced under well-defined and monitored fermentation conditions, it has advantages on stable quality and sustainable supply compared to fish meal.
* NX100


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