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Shrimp feed for low salinity waters

When shrimps are farmed in low salinity, they are faced with deficiency in some macro-minerals.

Shrimp farming is big in Asia, but feeding the shrimp is among the largest operational cost of this sector. Therefore, it is important to ensue efficient utilisation of feeds for growth and that the feed contains all the necessary nutrients the animals need such as minerals.

When shrimp are raised in low sanity waters, the access to minerals from the water is low. In addition, some of the minerals are highly water soluble and leach out of the shrimp feed pellet very fast. The company CreveTec has therefore developed a shrimp mineral premix which is able to retain the macro-minerals so that shrimp can obtain these minerals from the feed instead of the water. They will showcase this product at the VIV Asia.

CreveTec can be found on booth H102.K063.


  • Ed DeBoer

    I think you meant to replace all occurrences of 'sanity' with 'salinity,' didn't you?

  • Emmy Koeleman

    yes, of course. Thanks. We will change it.

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