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News last update:14 Jan 2016

ST Automation: Automation of pelleting presses

The ICP software from ST Automation is a system, which automatically adjusts and optimises the operation of the pelleting presses.

This creates repeatability of the product diced (same physical characteristics over time), as it maintains constant monitoring and adjustment of physical quantities which contribute to the production of the cube. It also prevents that nutritional value is lost in the raw materials (e.g. due to too much heat), as the steam and temperature is automatically adjusted. It increases profitability and has minor wear of the parts.

One of the advances is also that it not requires the constant presence of an operator to run the machine (the operator only needs to parameterize the press according to the products and give start / stop), in the event of faults (thermal, lack of product, etc.). The machine will revert to a safe condition and signals the fault.

At the upcoming Victam, ST Automation can be found on booth D073.

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