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Piglets do better with nano-coated trace minerals

Nano-coated trace minerals (15-50 nanometer diameter), which are embedded in a matrix of medium chain fatty acid salts.

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  • antonio ciribolla

    Dear Emmy

    Nothing new, I personally have already patented in 2014, approved patent in Italy and I'm getting ready for submission to the EPO, the oxide of zinc nanomolecular, I stand corrected and the correct term nanoparticles, coated with monolaurin, to have a synergistic effect and complementary to the effect of monolaurin.
    But the major problem is the size of the nanoparticle, from 15 to 50 there is a big difference, the two particles have a different way of behaving both from the physiological point of view and from that antibacterial.
    So I think if you are unable to characterize nanoparticle zinc oxide can not have precise answers in the test phase. And then you know very well that depending on the employed% of medium chain fatty acids have different answers
    Sorry for my English
    Antonio Ciribolla (a.ciribolla@agristudio.it)

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