Feed additives

News last update:14 Jan 2016

EFSA approval for Pancosma plant extract for broilers

EFSA has approved a 100% plant extract as zootechnical feed additive for broilers.

The approval of the product* from Pancosma confirms the validity of the performance claims made by Pancosma, the Switzerland-based company and producer of the product. When fed at a dose of 100 gram/ton of feed for broilers, the product was found to increase body weight gain (BWG: + 4.5 %), improve feed efficiency (FCR: - 3.9 %), and increase the amount of metabolisable energy available (AMe:+ 50 kcal/kg).

The three active ingredients in the product, capsicum oleoresin, cinnamaldehyde, and carvacrol, act synergistically to protect the digestive epithelium, enhance digestive secretions, and allow better nutrient sparing and absorption. It was introduced in the EU following the ban of AGPs, and showed highly promising effects. As a result, in 2009 Pancosma began the evaluation and approval process for the product to be upgraded from the sensorial to the zootechnical additive category.

* XTRACT® Evolution-B (formerly known as XTRACT® 6930)

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