Aquafeed Special

What is it?

The global demand for aquafeed is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of more than ten percent from 2013 through 2019. The production boost in aquafeed is fuelled by high demand for fish as consumer awareness about the health benefits of eating fish is growing and the global inversing demand for animal protein in general. At the same time, the growth of this sector also comes with challenges: finding alternatives for fish meal and oil (currently used in most aquafeed diets), cost-effective processing solutions, optimising the diets for currently farmed fish and finding the right mix of ingredients for new fish species. In this Special magazine we delve deeper into all these challenges. We touch on the ingredients side, the processing side and the environmental issues evolving around this booming industry. We also look at new (natural) feed additives that have hit the market to make the aquafeed more cost-efficient, more bio-available and healthier for the animals.

Topics covered (preliminary)

  • The use of alternative protein sources in fish feed
  • Feed solutions for a more sustainable aqua sector
  • Innovations regarding processing of aquafeed
  • Effect of feed composition on fish growth and health
  • New species and their nutritional needs
  • Use of feed additives in aquafeed
  • High capacity and cost efficient aquafeed processing


November 2015

Closing dates:

  • delivery of article: 2 October
  • advertising booking: 23 October
  • delivery of online banner: 12 November


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