Enzyme Special 2012

What is it?

This special edition of AllAboutFeed will be fully dedicated to the nutritional value, use, manufacturing and handling of enzyme products in animal nutrition.
The commercial application of enzymes as a feed additive has a history of less than 25 years. During this period, the feed enzyme industry came into existence and it has gone through several phases of development. The enzyme industry today is constantly searching for new areas of application.
In this special we offer sponsors (commercial companies), experts, consultants, researchers and other independent authorities the opportunity to show their expertise on this subject. Together with recent data, research and solutions they will make this Enzyme special a valuable and useful source of information.

Topics covered in the articles (preliminary)

Enzyme Special 2012

  • Quality and efficacy of current enzymes. 
  • Expanding the range of use of enzymes. 
  • Increased availability of different enzymes such as lipases, xylanases, proteases, amylases, ect. 
  • Alternate sources of genetically engineered enzymes selected and/or designed for the particular target substrate and animal. 
  • Feedstuffs that respond to enzyme treatments. Standardization of procedures to evaluate (and compare) different enzyme products. 
  • Mode of action by which enzymes produce their beneficial effects. 
  • Other benefits of enzymes such as their effect on reducing pollution, partitioning of nutrients and altering the endocrine response and health status of the animal.


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Nutritionists, farm managers, health product dealers, science & research, directors, veterinarians.

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