Feed Technology Special 2015

What is it?

The manufacturing of animal feed requires careful management of both the raw materials themselves and of the production process. High level of specialized processing technology that is able to do mixing, cooling and drying, pelleting, extrusion, coating and much more is a crucial part of producing high quality pellets or mash feed. Feed manufacturing companies are therefore continually optimising their equipment and elements of the machine to make the extrusion, drying or coating process more efficient and cheaper. In this Special magazine we explore the world of new feed equipment, new ways of processing and new techniques. We also touch on the way processing techniques influence animal performance and feed quality, hygiene and safety issues and trends relating to more specialised processing of feed (e.g. coating). 

Topics covered (preliminary)

  • Extrusion and its effect on pellet quality
  • Cost saving ways to process feed
  • Best ways to make the coating of pellets work
  • Hygiene, safety and maintenance recommendations for feed equipment
  • Automation systems and novel software for feed equipment
  • Weighing and bagging equipment


  • Together with AllAboutFeed May edition 2015
  • Extra distribution at the Victam International 2015

Closing dates:

  • delivery of article: 20 March
  • advertising booking: 17 April
  • delivery of online banner: 26 May


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