Animal Nutrition Award




AllAboutFeed in association with Victam is inviting companies to send in their innovations that made an impact on the world of animal nutrition and ingredients.

The first and runner-up prize of this prestigious AllAboutFeed/FIAAP animal nutrition award will be granted to the most striking innovations on show a FIAAP & Victam Europe 2015.

We would like to invite exhibiting companies to enter their innovation in this competition. An independent international jury will judge the entries on their relevance and value to the feed industry.

All nominations will be named on the website and in the magazine of AllAboutFeed. All entries are subject to the utmost confidentially until publication of the special show edition. To participate in this contest the innovation or new product has to be:

  • introduced to the market after 1st January 2013
  • an animal nutrition product
  • really new
  • a contribution to the industry
  • of high practical value
  • actually present at the show

For more information or to submit your entry, please send a description of your innovation to before the end of April 2015.