BioMar - fish feed deal in China

BioMar - fish feed deal in China

BioMar Group’s Joint Venture in China, BioMar-Tongwei Biotech (Wuxi) Ltd has acquired a 100% of the shares in...

Obesity: a problem in ponies. Photo: Shutterstock

Obesity: a problem in ponies

A third of ponies are considered obese. This increased the risks of a painful and debilitating hoof condition...

FEFANA’s 2030 vision: Stronger outreach and collaboration. Photo: Koos Groenewold

FEFANA’s 2030 vision

Gerritjan van der Ven is the new President of FEFANA. All About Feed asked him about FEFANA’s vision on feeding...

Photo: RBI

More feed produced in Russia

Russia continues to increase overall volume of feed production. But this is not the case for all animal species.

Less pig feed in Great Britain. Photo: Hans Prinsen

Less pig feed in Great Britain

Animal feed production in Great Britain was up 21% for sheep and down 0.1% for poultry, 11% for pigs and 2.5%...

Photo: Hans Prinsen

UK feed production reviewed

An in-depth report from AIC Services on livestock feed assurance in the UK concludes that “UK animal feed is...