7th Protein Summit

until 19-09-2014 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
293 European Union

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18 - 19 September 2014
09:00 hour
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The need to develop new sustainable protein sources, raw materials and processes could not be more pressing. New enabling technologies and processes can accelerate transitions in supply & demand, make value chains more sustainable and create new opportunities. Not one chain part can provide a complete solution for the value chain: forward, backward and cross integration is the challenge.

The key question is therefore: How can food, pet food, feed and downstream processing industries co-operate in the supply chain and achieve innovation & sustainability goals?

Your gains in joining:

- Share visions and gain strategy inspiration in the global proteins world
- Meet 200 delegates who work on consumer, retail, supply and sustainability challenges in the value chain
- Learn more about all the different types of (new) proteins
- Join as an exclusive exhibitor and partner which gives you the possibility to create more market awareness
- Learn from the experts who will share their experience and knowledge