FOSS Fibre conference: ‘Re-think fibre’

until 02-10-2015 - FOSS Innovation Centre (FIC), Hillerød, Denmark
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01 - 02 October 2015
09:00 hour
FOSS Innovation Centre (FIC), Hillerød, Denmark
FOSS will host a conference called ‘Re-think fibre’ at the FOSS Innovation Centre · October 1-2 · 2015

Aimed at quality control and laboratory professionals working in the food and feed industries, the upcoming FOSS fibre conference looks at how fibre is becoming increasingly important as an energy source for humans and animals.

Leading industry experts will explore the latest trends and the positive implications for producers in the feed and food industry. Developments regarding ways to test fibre in food and animal feed will also be covered. Speakers and highlights include:

• Professor Knud Erik Bach Knudsen, Research, Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University, Denmark: Dietary fibres in a nutritional context – what can the analysis
tell us?
• Dr Dan Pettersson, Science Manager Novozymes, Denmark Fibre analysis as a tool for understanding how microbial enzymes influence nutritional and technological properties of feed and food ingredients.
• Sonja De Vries, Researcher (PhD) Feed evaluation monogastrics Nutreco, The Netherlands
Recalcitrant fibres from DDGS and rapeseed meal: identification, degradation, and manipulation
• Lisa Povolny, General Manager Medallion Labs, USA, Improvements to the Dietary Fibre Methods used for Food Analysis
• Helena Pastell, Senior Researcher (PhD) Evira, Finland, Dietary fibre analysis seen from public food control - examples with the method AOAC 2011.25
• Panel debate: Expert panel discussion with Q/A
• Demonstration of FOSS’s innovative fibre solutions - lab reference solutions and NIR solutions with network integration software.

Company visit – TripleA a/s
The second day of the conference will feature a visit to TripleA a/s - a brand new ingredient manufacturing company in Denmark that uses unique processing methods to extract proteins from soya, peas, fava beans, lupins and rapeseed securing high palatability and digestibility in food and feed applications.

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