News last update:6 Aug 2012

FOSS makes fibre analysis more simple

Crude and detergent fibre analysis methods can now be simplified with a new FiberCap capsule for the FOSS Fibertec™ FiberCap fibre extraction system.

The new capsule will generate results comparable to the official crucible method (ISO 6865 & AOAC 978.10) used for crude and detergent fibre methods for both feed and forage. This new capsule is also suitable to match the results of the filter paper method (AOAC 920.39) for forage samples.

The FiberCap system was originally developed to mirror the official procedure AOAC 920.39 based on filtration using filter papers. The new capsule now extends it to cover all common methods. Product manager, Elizabet Frankenius said: "We are delighted that FOSS, with its range of Fibertec and FiberCap systems is now covering the whole market, from high to low end regarding both price and capacity."

About FiberCap and Fibertec
The FiberCap system is a low cost, high capacity solution for fibre determination in accordance with the Weende and van Soest methods. The sample is placed in a capsule that, once sealed, offers no sample transfer and filtration in seconds for all sample types. FiberCap is an integrated part of the FOSS Fibertec™ semi-automatic fibre determination system for hot or cold extraction methods, minimising handling of chemicals and reagents during the process.

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