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New feed dosing and mixing concept

Together, Dinnissen Process Technology (the Netherlands) and the K-Tron Process Group (Switzerland) are introducing a new dosing and mixing concept for the high-quality feed industry; the Pandora End of Line Mixing concept.

The new concept was developed especially for highly demanding situations in which a maximum of 10 (micro) components must be mixed quickly, carefully and extremely homogeneously. It is also particularly suitable for situations in which it is essential to be able to switch quickly and easily to new recipes while at the same time preventing contamination and segregation is. Low energy consumption is an additional advantage.

Mixing quickly, carefully and extremely homogeneously
The Pandora End of Line Mixing concept works on the principle of continuous mixing, whereby ingredients are constantly being put into and removed from a highly compact mixer. The system is composed of several highly accurate gravimetric feeders from the K-Tron Process Group coupled with the famous Pegasus Paddle Mixer® from Dinnissen Process Technology. The special feeders measure the input of ingredients to the Pegasus Paddle Mixer® very precisely. The input can range from micro-ingredients (0.01-2% of batch weight) to extra high percentages (30-220% of batch weight). The gravimetric feeders have very fast response times, thereby minimizing product loss during adjustment periods.

Ultra-hygienic and effortless switch to new recipe
In its turn, the ingenious construction of the Pegasus Paddlemixer® allows it to mix ingredients extremely quickly and homogeneously. For example, it mixes fragile leafy vegetables carefully and quickly in 6-8 seconds; sticky powders or powders and liquids that are difficult to mix are done in 30-50 seconds. The compact design of the Pegasus Paddle Mixer® offers a great many significant advantages for the overall mixing process. It makes it possible to clean the mixer quickly and easily, so that switching hygienically to a new recipe becomes child's play. And since the Pandora End of Line Mixing system can handle quantities from 50 kg to 100 tons per hour, switching between recipes is easy even when the production capacity per recipe varies greatly.

Easily integrated
Its compact design makes it easy to integrate the Pegasus Paddle Mixer into any location within a new or existing production process. For example, the new mixing concept can be integrated just before the packaging process, thereby minimizing the risk of segregation. Finally, Pandora End of Line Mixing is especially suitable for spraying oils and liquids onto powders, pellets and granulates.

As stand-alone module or complete process
The Pandora End of Line Mixing concept is presently being applied very successfully in production processes for for adding probiotics, vitamins and minerals to feed an food products. The new system is available from Dinnissen Process Technology or the K-Tron Process Group in the form of a stand-alone module for integration into new or existing production processes or in the form of a complete production process.

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