News last update:6 Aug 2012

Nutreco to expand fish feed business

Dutch animal feed firm Nutreco wants to produce more feed for fish species besides farmed salmon, Nutreco Chief Executive Wout Dekker told Reuters in an interview.

"The big winner of the past five years has been a very cheap fish called pangasius, which is mainly produced in Vietnam, but also in the Netherlands," Dekker said. As western consumers become more health-conscious, demand for fish has surged and aquaculture is booming.

More salmon is now farmed than fished wild, and appetites for both high-value fish such as sea-bass and turbot and cheap white-fish such as pangasius represent a growth opportunity.

Nutreco also wants to acquire firms to help it develop ingredients that boost the nutritional value of animal feed, making it less reliant on raw materials.

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