News last update:6 Aug 2012

New PennentTM system to improve feed mill efficiency

Cargill and Feed Management SystemsTM, Inc. (FMS) have teamed to introduce the Pennent™system, a web-based, integrated software system designed to improve feed mill efficiency and lower costs.

The PennentTM system combines Cargill’s successful Model Mill, Maintenance Manager and Mill Audit global solutions with FMS’ strong ability to develop and support commercial software to the animal feed industry. The system works by providing the ability to benchmark a mill’s internal cost standard and setting a cost model based on that individual mill’s specifications, which helps facilitate better decision making.

“This is secure, proven technology that helps ensure a mill is performing at its highest level,” said Bill Mead, global portfolio manager for Cargill Animal Nutrition. “The PennentTM system is versatile enough for mills of all sizes. It’s a great tool to help ensure a mill is as productive and cost-effective as possible.”       

As of 2009, seven of the past 23 recipients awarded the prestigious “Feed Mill of the Year”, sponsored annually by the American Feed Industry Association, have used the PennentTM system, demonstrating its proven track record. 

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