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Cagemax shows how Dutch one can be

Tulips, windmills, wooden shoes. That are the clichés people would mention when asked about Holland. Company Cagemax drove this picture to the max at VIV Asia.

Cagemax is the pivot between supply and demand of animal proteins and fats. The company is able to purchase large volumes on the supply side.
Customers can count on qualitative high-grade raw materials for the mixed feed, pet food, aquaculture product, fertiliser and energy sectors on the demand side.
“We are known on the market as a serious partner that focuses on the interests of both suppliers and customers,” their website says.
Double prices
At VIV Asia in Bangkok Cagemax took it all less seriously with their presentation. Their slogan at the show was “Because of the crisis we double our prices”. 
To emphasise the “seriousness” all employees were dressed in Delft-blue suits and dresses.
The stand was decorated with tulips, wooden shoes and windmills and top of the bill was the plasma screen showing (deceased) Dutch tear jerk singer Andre Hazes.
It sure drew attention to their booth.
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  • A "Dutch" booth at VIV Asia

    A "Dutch" booth at VIV Asia

Dick Ziggers

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    Nienke van Ketel

    Tear jerk..? I do agree on the estimation of Mr Hazes' character, but don't you mean "tear jerker"?

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