News last update:6 Aug 2012

Adisseo implements export shipment control system

Animal feed provider Adisseo has successfully deployed a visibility system supplied by GT Nexus to track export flows to markets around the world.

Delivered as a cloud technology service, the platform provides Adisseo with detailed information about outbound freight flows, which is then used to proactively keep customers informed about the status of shipments headed their way.
Headquartered in Antony, France, Adisseo France S.A.S. designs, develops and produces nutrition feed additives for the animal production industry.
With annual revenues in excess of €1 billion, the company serves customers in over 140 countries and ships more than 10,000 containers each year.
Just-in-time principle
"Flawless logistics execution is a key component to delivering high customer satisfaction," said Sébastien Nuffer, global logistic manager at Adisseo.
"We apply just-in-time, lean principles to our manufacturing and we have customers in very remote locations, so it was critical that we have a proven, reliable visibility system to monitor our export shipments.
GT Nexus has the network, the solutions and the experience we needed to get a visibility platform up and running quickly and cost effectively."
Adisseo has established a series of benchmarks to track service and data quality with their carrier partners.
By proactively measuring key events such as loading, unloading, departure times and arrival times, the logistics teams are able to keep customers informed of what's happening with the shipments of nutritional additives they count on to run their operations.
GT Nexus platform
Since the GT Nexus platform is shared by thousands of major global companies and all of their providers, individual shippers like Adisseo can leverage the power of the overall community to drive very high data quality levels, which is critical for success with a visibility system.
The entire GT Nexus customer community uses common integrations and data standards for the status events and documents that partners feed into the cloud-based system.
The result is that each individual company benefits, with faster rollouts, best practice sharing and broad community-level influence in the market.
"Being part of the larger GT Nexus community, which includes a number of very large exporters, has been very beneficial for us," added Nuffer.
"Our carriers are now aware that we track service very thoroughly and that data quality is critical to our business. The added influence has resulted in significant data quality improvement."
The visibility platform was rolled out worldwide at Adisseo in 2009 and covers all outbound shipments to customers. The entire platform is delivered in the cloud, as a fully-hosted service.
GT Nexus runs the world's only industry-backed, on-demand global trade and logistics control platform. Today, more than 40,000 registered users, from over 15,000 organizations use a range of capabilities on GT Nexus to optimize the global flow of goods and trade information from order point to final payment.

Dick Ziggers

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