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People: Delacon Phytogenic Feed Additives

Delacon Phytogenic Feed Additives has announced that Dr. Karola Wendler is taking over as 'head of product management & innovation' by end of January 2011.

Dr. Wendlerhas already been working five years for Delacon and successfully coordinated all research and developmentwork.
Dr. Wendler graduated at Martin Luther University in Halle (Germany) and received her doctorate at the ETH Zurich. After research at the Agricultural & Agri Food Canada Research Centre in Lacombe (CDN) and the Rowett Research Centre in Aberdeen (GB), she continued her career at Delacon.
In her new position Dr. Wendler will be responsible for management and coordination of the Delacon R&D team. In cooperation with the management, sales and marketing, she will set up research strategies and make decisions about the development of new products and applications to expand the position of Delacon as the global market leader in phytogenic feed additives.
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