News last update:6 Aug 2012

GMP+ and Coceral agree on mutual recognition.

GMP+ International and Coceral GTP Code have worked closely on a comparative analysis between their respective schemes. This resulted, today, in a mutual acceptance of the schemes for which the formal agreement will be signed in the coming weeks.

The mutual recognition agreement between GMP+ International and Coceral GTP Code covers the following activities and goods:
  • Trade, collection, storage and transport of unprocessed products of vegetable origin: a GTP-certified trader can sell and deliver goods to a GMP+-certified company with one unique certification; and vice versa
  • Trade, storage and transport of processed products of vegetable origin (excluding fats and oil products): a GMP+ company can buy under certain conditions these products from a GTP-certified trader (special conditions laid down in GMP+ BA10, appendix 1) - in this respect the mutual acceptance between GMP+ and GTP certificates for those products will continue after the 1st of October 2011.
The managing directors of the two organizations welcome this positive outcome and will meet in the coming weeks to sign the agreement. A more detailed press statement will be issued at that time.

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