News last update:6 Aug 2012

Fenchem's CholineExtra get USDA and EC Organic Certification

Fenchem's CholineExtra Natural Choline has got organic certifications, which both meets the US National Organic Standard, EC 834/2007 and EC 889/2008.

CholineExtra is prepared from several selected natural herbs which contains choline in conjugated form with high bioavailabability (phosphatidyl choline, lecithins and equivalents).All the herbs are wild collection which is the key element for organic guarantee. Moreover, the production process is strictly controlled to avoid any other chemicals contamination to make sure the product is 100% organic.

Unlike synthetic form (choline chloride or choline citrate), CholineExtra Natural Choline is non-hygroscopic and does not cause damage to vitamins and other feed ingredients in a premix. It is non-corrosive, free from obnoxious odor and easily withstands pelletization or extrusion under high temperature. It helps to divert excess energy towards muscle protein accretion rather than body synthesis resulting higher growth and production performance, with less lipids in liver, abdomen and carcass. The inclusion of CholineExtra in half quantity in feed in comparison to synthetic choline chloride (60%) is found more effective and economical for profitable production.

The certifications took about three years for the company to achieve from establishing and actualizing the control system, undergoing an audit from relevant authorities and waiting for the certification to be authorized.

The certifications mean Fenchem can now sell its organic version of Natural Choline in the market and will lead much more competitive than our competitors.

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