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Feeding today’s food producing animals is like formulating a diet for Olympic athletes: a challenging task (with a few hurdles here and there), but one that can certainly be done. Photo: Dreamstime

Feeding Olympic athletes

It seems to be one of the main challenges for today’s nutritionists: how to feed the high performing farm animal?

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Earth as an apple

I sometimes wonder how much we can take from the earth? Often, keynote speakers at international conferences...

Driven by safety levels. Photo: Shutterstock

Driven by safety levels

Acceptable exposure limit levels, maximum ppm levels, maximum residue limits, somatic cell counts, action...

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Sharing is caring

Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it. This can be true for many things in life. Sharing...

Blog: Mycotoxin risks for swine. Photo: RBI

Mycotoxin risks for swine

In this article we focus on the mycotoxin contamination of common swine diet ingredients. The results are based...