Themed Newsletters 2012

All About Feed will produce a variety of themed newsletters in 2012. Advertising space in these newsletters is limited. For more information contact:

Theme: Enzymes


With the continuous pressure on minimising the use of antibiotics in animal feeds a broad array of alternatives has surfaced. Research has increased into the use of enzymes for breaking down feed ingredients the animal has difficulties with digesting. The latest news on market releases of enzymes and research on future products are highlighted in this special newsletter.

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Theme: Victam


Victam Asia is the major event for the animal feed industry in Asia. Held in Bangkok for the fourth time this year’s show is outperforming the previous one by far. With the Victam show for feed industry machinery and FIAAP for the feed ingredient industry the whole chain of animal nutrition from raw material to final product is covered. Do not miss the chance to display your presence in this newsletter.

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Theme: Mycotoxins


It looks as if in the last decade the secondary metabolites of fungi and moulds, the mycotoxins, have become a real issue in animal feeding. This has also to do with a better awareness and better detection methods that have become available. Furthermore companies providing toxin binding agents have specialised in this area and provide research based solutions. This newsletter updates on the latest developments in the market.

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Theme: Piglet Feed


Feeding young animals is always a critical issue. Their digestive tract has not fully developed and often, in the case of piglets, the animals have to adjust to the change from the sow’s milk to solid feeds. Especially around weaning feeding of piglets is critical for later performance. The newsletter on piglet feeding provides the latest insights and developments in piglet nutrition.

Date: May 2012   CLOSED

Theme: Poultry Feed

Genetics drive broilers and layers to the top of their performances. Broilers are programmed to eat and layers only want to lay eggs. To be able to reach their genetic optimal performance the feed is crucial in terms of ingredients, but also in how it is ground or pelleted. This special newsletter recalls of the latest developments in poultry feed manufacturing and composition.
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Theme: Yeast

Yeast and its cell wall products are already successfully in use in the market. In ruminants yeast can help reducing ammonia production and in pigs it can be a health stimulant and improve immunity processes or fight specific diseases. Especially in young piglets yeast can be beneficial to health and performance. This newsletter updates on the latest developments and insights around.

Date: December 2012
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Theme: Algae

With the greater emphasis on alternative fuels besides all kinds of organic matter algae (plural, Latin for "seaweed") have gained increasing interest, since specific types can produce oils that can be used for fuel. The co-products are suitable for human- and animal consumption. Although the algae industry is still in its infancy many small and medium sized companies have emerged and the algae industry will be an important contributor to nutrition of the future.

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Theme: EuroTier

EuroTier in 2012 is the major exhibition for the livestock industry. Pigs, poultry and cattle are represented as well as feed ingredients and machinery companies. The EuroTier newsletter reviews the innovations of the show and gives up to date info on developments in the intensive animal husbandry sector.

Date: November 2012
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Theme: Probiotics

One of the feed additives that possibly form an alternative to antibiotics in feed are probiotics – live organisms that can help establishing a balanced microflora population in the gut. More and more probiotics receive approval from regulatory organizations and this newsletter provides the latest research and developments in this interesting area of animal nutrition.

Date: December 2012
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