In a commercial layer trial with CLOSTAT® the good results continue

Materials and methods

Trial groups:

In 2 identical houses with approximately 30.000 layers (Dekalb White)

  • In 1 house CLOSTAT Dry was administered with a local micro dosing system. From week 17 until 31 weeks of age the dosage was 1 kg CLOSTAT Dry per ton of feed. Later on (32-61 weeks) the dosage was reduced to 500g CLOSTAT Dry per ton of feed.
  • In the other house the farmer’s standard feed was used.


The farmer registered all technical parameters on a weekly basis. In this trial we take into account the mortality, feed intake, lay%, egg weight, egg mass and percentage of 2nd choice eggs.


Table1. Performance at week 61 of laying hens fed with or without CLOSTAT

Table 2. Return on investment when feeding laying hens with CLOSTAT from 17 to 61 weeks of age

*   Calculated at 6€ for 100 eggs

**  Calculated at 1€ per kg of eggs

The farmer keeps using CLOSTAT until the end in all his layers. Mainly because of the continuous difference in FCR.