Get Inspired at Eurotier

Some 2400 exhibitors have already signed up to participate at Eurotier 2016, which takes place November 15 till 18 in Hannover, Germany. At Kemin we understand that visiting a fair can be exhausting. That’s why, this year at Eurotier, we’re offering you all you need to boost your energy levels, while getting inspired with Kemin’s latest innovations. You can find us in hall 20 at booth L22.

Some of the highlights:

Get Inspired - Mycotoxins in animal feeds, facts and solutions - the book launch
You expect quality ingredients that withstand the stress of storing, mixing and handling. Obstacles between manufacturing and the feed silo can damage your ingredients. Mycotoxins continue to remain a complex and challenging topic for the feed industry. As the industry evolves we feel it is our responsibility to continue sharing the cutting edge science and solutions for the mycotoxin challenges you are facing. Therefore, we have compiled a set of publications written by highly regarded members of academia and specialists in one book.
Join us for the book launch Tuesday November 15 at 11:30 and meet the experts in mycotoxin management!

Get Inspired – GMO free rations for dairy cows
GMO free diets for high yielding dairy cows without soybean meal gain importance nowadays. Can rumen protected amino acids fill the gap? Follow the lecture of Dr. Katharina Pfeil at the Cattle Forum on Tuesday November 15 at 14:00 in hall 12, booth H20

Get Inspired – Kemin launches the RAATION balancer software

Kemin launches its first software in dietary amino acid balancing on Wednesday at 11:30. The RAATION balancer can predict the milk synthesis per cow based on its need for amino acids over crude protein. The biggest advantage of this technical innovation is the speed and ease of handling the software. In the present context, dietary software takes around three hours when it comes to balancing essential amino acids. However, with our software it can be completed within less than half an hour at first and in a matter of minutes when making adjustments to pre-existing formulas.

Get Inspired – the best performing animals in the post-antibiotic era
Thursday will be all about production of livestock with little to no use of antibiotics. The drive to reduce antibiotics did not stop with the ban of AGPs in Europe, it only started. With pressure from the public, human medicine and regulatory every use of antibiotics in livestock is under close examination. This day focusses on showing complete solutions to managing livestock economically without forgetting animal welfare or product safety for the end consumer.

Get Inspired - Mostly harmless, moving the intestinal microbiome towards performance and stability
Kemin is one of the 4 invited speakers during the second Gut health –Young Broilers seminar organised by World Poultry. Dr. Susanne Kirwan will focus in her talk on the intestinal microbiome being the key system to assure both performance, health, and deliver protection from the most prevalent diseases in young broilers. The seminar will take place November 17, more information on specific time and place to be confirmed.

We look forward meeting you all at the Kemin booth in hall 20 booth L22!