How to decrease the inclusion rate of soybean meal in feed?

Studies on broilers, layers and turkeys conducted by Kemin since 2010 with KEMZYME Plus Dry enzymes have shown some remarkable potential to improve profitability in animal production.

KEMZYME Plus Dry is a complex, multi-ingredient feed enzyme product for on top application as well as used in re-formulation in diets. It provides all the required NSP enzymes as well as amylase and protease. Its included enzymes were carefully selected and tested to provide optimum activity under the varying pH levels in birds’ intestinal tracts.

A Different Look at the Same Data
As Table 1 shows, the data from KEMZYME Plus trials on laying hens, turkeys and broilers were reevaluated, looking at whether the addition of KEMZYME Plus Dry affected N retention.


All of the trials used similar Positive Control and Test (Control + KEMZYME Plus Dry) diets, with the enzyme applied “on top” at the standard dosage of 0.5 kg/ton (Note that one trial used a half-rate dosage). The cumulative data clearly demonstrate the effect of the enzyme compared to the Positive Control, with improvement in N retention ranging from 1.5 to 5%.

There are several possible modes of action of KEMZYME Plus that could affect nitrogen retention:
The direct effect of KEMZYME Plus Dry can be attributed to:
• Break down of the cell walls and release of nutrients that are entrapped in the plant cell structure
• Decrease of intestinal content viscosity, leading to improvement of feed ingredient digestibility,
• Increases feed protein hydrolysis triggered by the protease enzyme activity
• Reduction of microbial growth in the small intestine. We know this microbial population is normally able to use N as the source of its own nutrients.
• Reduction of endogenous losses. This is mainly due to faster turnover of cell wall lining in the intestine, with a loss of protein content from the intestinal mucosal cell itself.

At the same time, we also analyzed the sparing effect that the use of KEMZYME Plus Dry had on the Amino Acids (AA) content. The AA sparing effect, which is the additional amount of AA (in gr) that 1 kg of Kemzyme Plus dry made available, was on average around 2.5%

There’s More to It
In addition to the effect on Nitrogen retention shown above, we used data from the same trials to calculate how the inclusion of KEMZYME Plus Dry into a typical poultry diet could affect the reformulation of the Control, particularly the inclusion level of soybean meal in the diet.

KEMZYME Plus Dry can improve Crude Protein (CP) digestibility, and therefore Amino Acids AA from raw materials can be used much more efficiently at lower overall feed cost.

This has consequences for a matrix that includes a more complete range of amino acids. And in any reevaluation of feed, it allows the formulator to choose between

• Keeping the level of CP protein untouched and being flexible with AA, or
• Maintaining the level of AA and being flexible with CP level

The benefits are more feed cost savings, less waste of amino acids in the formula, and more flexible use of “Least Cost Formulation.”

KEMZYME® Plus Dry application in broiler feed has a proven effect on CP digestibility, the trials that demonstrated this effect were part of EU registration dossier for the product.

The use of KEMZYME Plus Dry in feed reformulation based on digestible AA with a very small decrease of the minimum constraint of CP (-0,3%) allows a very important decrease of the amount of soybean meal ( up to -13 kg/ton), with feed cost savings of 6.3 €/ton.