Looking for the first software tool to help with the amino acid balancing of dairy diets?

To date, dietary software has included the ration for amino acids, but not linked it with the animal production parameters. However, R-AA-TION Balancer™ from Kemin combines a feed ration software with milk output parameters, which in turn makes it possible to see the impact of ration changes on milk production, and the related financial impact, within minutes.

"This is the tool our dairy customers have been needing to have a complete picture of the collective impact of amino acid balancing, milk production and financial consequences,” said Dr. Ivan Eisner, Kemin Technical Service Manager. “They simply enter their current ration, then amend it, and with one click can see a side-by-side, before and after comparison of the feed quality improvement, projected milk production and the related financial impact.”

The software identifies the need of LysiGEMTM (rumen protected lysine), Smartamine® / MetaSmart® (rumen protected methionine produced by Adisseo S.A.S.) in the diet automatically, which means dairy producers can be assured of the best possible balance of amino acids.

“This incredible new technology combines scientific expertise with the power and ease of technology,” said Mr. KP Philip, President & CEO Kemin Europa NV. “These are exciting and challenging times for the dairy industry and Kemin is committed to helping support our customers with a tool to ease the adoption of rumen protected amino acids.”

for more detailed information, please email tin.marien@kemin.com