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Binding mycotoxins with yeast, clay and plant extracts

Dutch company E.F.S. Holland have developed a new mycotoxins binder. The product is a combination of in-activated yeast, bentonite and plant extracts.

The in-activated yeast (Saccharomyces cervisiae) de-activates and binds mycotoxins in the digestive track of the animal. The selection of clay minerals binds mycotoxins such as aflatoxin, endotoxins (toxins produced by bacteria) and ergo-alkaloids (fyto-alexins and ergot).

The plant extracts with rosemary and sylmarin work effectively against oxidative stress and supports the liver. The combination of the different components enhances the affectivity of the product.

E.F.S. Holland is present at VIV Europe and will be showcasing this new product (Tox-Aid) there as well.


  • mahmoud ahmed

    i think it is good m, but the question is what is the inclusion rate in feed?

  • Emmy Koeleman

    Dear Nahmoud, for more information about the product (and inclusion rate) please contact the company directly via

  • JMA Muñoz

    What is you comments in reference to include specific enzymes+ innativated yeasts + adsorbentes like clays

  • JMA Muñoz

    I'd like to know the comments from miss Koeleman about of to blend enzymes, extracts of yeast(biomannans) + adsorbentes like clays.

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