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Alltech: Most samples contain multiple mycotoxins

The Alltech Mycotoxin Management programme ended in 2015 on a high note as its extensive mycotoxin analysis completed testing on its 10,000th sample.

The Analytical Services Laboratory of Alltech has received over 50 different feed sample types from more than 80 countries since the laboratory first opened in Winchester, Kentucky in 2012. Since then, the laboratory has found 97% of samples tested contained one or more mycotoxins, with an average of six mycotoxins per sample. Type B Trichothecenes and Fumonisins are present in more than 70% of samples.

"Our diagnostic approach allows us to further investigate livestock and poultry health issues, study global mycotoxin trends and develop comprehensive, customised mycotoxin management programmes for our customers", says Steve Mobley, manager of the Analytical Services Laboratory.

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  • Doug Kaufmann

    This information is of tremendous benefit to farmers everywhere! Thank you! Do you do studies on human grain supplies as well? Doug

  • Kim Albert Perlado

    What is the range (min/max) of mycotoxin level present in these materials?

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