Regulations for All Commodities in Canada (Source)

All Commodities

Maximum Allowable/Recommended Units

2 ppm
(uncleaned soft wheat for human consumption)

1 ppm
(uncleaned soft wheat for use in baby foods)

5 ppm
(diets for poultry and cattle)

1 ppm
(diets for swine, young calves, and lactating dairy animals)

Selected Molds that produce deoxynivalenol

Fusarium graminearum

Commodities susceptible to contamination

Barley, confectionery, corn/maize, feeds, infant formula, oats, rice, rye, sorghum, and wheat

Health effects

  • Damage to digestive tract, bone marrow, spleen, reproductive organs
  • Weight loss, vomiting, and feed refusal

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