News last update:7 Aug 2012

FAMI-QS certification for Micro-Plus

Micro-Plus, German based producer of feed flavours and phytogenic feed additives received FAMI-QS certification.

The ISO 9001:2000 based code FAMI-QS has been especially designed for feed additive producers. It combines the demands of established guidelines such as the European Feed Hygiene Regulation (183/2005), the codes Alimentarius (HACCP) and other quality systems. Therefore, FamiQS received the mutual recognition with UFAX / FEMAX (UK); GMP (Belgium) and GMP+ (Dutch). This ensures the unrestricted use of the Micro-Plus products within theses systems.

The conventional flavours of Micro-Plus are marketed under the brand name "RevestArom" while the functional flavours (phytogenic flavours) are known under the name "digestarom". In addition to flavours, the company produces a sweetener under the brand name, NeoSweet.

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