News last update:6 Aug 2012

The next issue of Feed Mix magazine is out

A new issue of Feed Mix magazine, the international journal on feed, nutrition and technology has been published.

Among the topics covered in this month's issue are:

Emmy Koeleman, editor of Feed Mix, visited the Happy Shrimp Farm, the first tropical shrimp farm in Europe. This unique aquaculture farm uses the waste heat of a nearby power plant, saving costs and reducing the effects of global warming!

Klaus Hoffman from ChemoForma explains in the last part of the Nucleotides series how nucleotides can be used in fish. Hoffman also gives some recommendation for its use in other species.

Illias Kyriazakis from the Scottish Agricultural College explains how pathogen challenge influences pig performance. In this article Ilias gives an overview of the current knowledge and provide some suggestions for future research.

Gavin Raper from Pancosma discusses the results of a survey that the company did to find out which AGP alternatives nutritionists use after the AGP ban. The article also reports the outcomes of efficacy trials that have been done with a group of plant extracts.

Hermann Klein-Hessling from the International Poultry Consulting Services explains the challenges of feeding DDGS to turkeys. According to recent available research, it is feasible to use up to 20% DDGS in turkey diets. However, quality influencing factors must be watched carefully for an optimal result says Klein-Hessling.

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