News last update:6 Aug 2012

Land O'Lakes introduces three new feed innovations

The Livestock Marketing Group launched three innovations for dairy animals: the enhanced calf milk replacers, the Ampli-Calf grower feed and the updated MetaPro Nutrition program for dairy cows.

In partnership with Animal Milk Products, a division of Land O’Lakes, Inc., Livestock Marketing introduced a new plant-based ingredient milk replacer.
When fed in milk replacer, Digestarom is designed to drive greater weight gain and milk replacer and calf starter intakes.
In addition, a new product line extension was launched: ColdFront milk replacer which formulation uniquely and effectively helps dairy calves face nutrition and health challenges during cold weather stress.
The new calf grower feed was developed for calves raised on Ampli-Calf starter feed. When fed this grower feed vs. traditional grower feed during weeks 12-24, calves gained 35 kg more, grew longer and taller, and had better average daily gains and feed efficiency.
The Young Animal team led by Dr Dari Brown ensured that the product feeding amounts and inclusion of hay are optimal for rumen development in calves.
Land O’Lakes Purina Feed patented its breakthrough system and method for feeding ruminants based on rumen morphology.
Launched in 2006, MetaPro Nutrition program has been the highest-selling program in the Dairy Feed portfolio.
It is a great tool to optimize the amount of protein fed to dairy cows while optimizing the herd’s milk production and pounds of milk protein potential.
MetaPro Nutrition program now includes USA Lysine, the most bio-available lysine product in the industry marketed exclusively by Land O’Lakes Purina Feed.

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