News last update:6 Aug 2012

The next issue of Feed Tech magazine

A new issue of Feed Tech magazine, the global publication aimed at the feed manufacturing industry has been published.

Among the topics covered in this month's issue are:

· Dick Ziggers, editor of Feed Tech, recounts his visit to Global Biochem Technology in China – a low-key operator in a highly competitive amino acids industry.

· Rex Runyon, American Feed Industry Association vice president for public relations, provides an insight into the goings-on at the first executive leadership summit held on October 19-20 in California.

· Danisco Animal Nutrition's Technical Services Director, Dr Gary Partridge, explores the role of enzymes in animal feed – reducing costs, while not reducing performance.

· Hermann Klein-Hessing of International Poultry Consulting Services Inc., in an article titled 'Challenges of feeding DDGS to turkeys', investigates the use of DDGS in turkey diets while carefully monitoring quality influencing factors.

· Biotech cultivation in Europe – Editor, Dick Ziggers, recounts the work of EuropaBio, the organisation of European biotech companies and the current mood among farmers in favour of using genetically engineered crops.

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